Simonis, Anne

By the Light of the Moon: North Pacific Dolphins Optimize Foraging with the Lunar Cycle.

Date Published: 2017 Delphinids | Passive Acoustics | Lunar Cycle

Simonis, Anne - Dissertation

Gassmann, Martin

Tracking Marine Mammals and Ships with Small and Large-Aperture Hydrophone Arrays.

Date Published: 2015 Three-Dimensional Acoustic Tracking | Localization | Ship Noise

Gassmann, Martin - Dissertation

Frasier, Kaitlin E.

Density Estimation of Delphinids using Passive Acoustics : A Case Study in the Gulf of Mexico.

Date Published: 2015 Density | Delphinids | Passive Acoustics | Gulf of Mexico

Frasier, Kaitlin E. - Dissertation

Vu, Elizabeth T. A.

Habitat Use of Calling Baleen Whales in the Southern California Current Ecosystem.

Date Published: 2015 Vocalization | Baleen Whales | Southern California

Vu, Elizabeth T. A. - Dissertation

Merkens, Karlina P.

Deep-Diving Cetaceans of the Gulf of Mexico: Acoustic Ecology and Response to Natural and Anthropogenic Forces Including the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

Date Published: 2013 Cetaceans | Ecology | Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill | Gulf of Mexico

Merkens, Karlina P. - Dissertation

Helble, Tyler A.

Site Specific Passive Acoustic Detection and Densities of Humpback Whale Calls off the Coast of California.

Date Published: 2013 Detection | Density | Humpback Whale | Southern California

Helble, Tyler A. - Dissertation

McKenna, Megan F.

Blue Whale Response to Underwater Noise from Commercial Ships.

Date Published: 2011 Ship Noise | Blue Whale

McKenna, Megan F. - Dissertation

Henderson, Elizabeth E.

Cetaceans in the Southern California Bight: Behavioral, Acoustical and Stapio-Temporal Modeling.

Date Published: 2010 Cetaceans | Behavior | Stapio-Temporal Modeling | Southern California

Henderson, Elizabeth E. - Dissertation

Baumann-Pickering, Simone

Species Identification and Measurement of Activity in Odontocete Species of Palmyra Atoll by Acoustic Monitoring.

Date Published: 2009 Identification | Odontocetes | Long-Term Acoustic Monitoring

Baumann-Pickering, Simone - Dissertation

Soldevilla, Melissa S.

Risso’s and Pacific White-sided Dolphins in the Southern California Bight: Using Echolocation Clicks to Study Dolphin Ecology

Date Published: 2008 Echolocation | Odontocetes | Ecology | Southern California

Soldevilla, Melissa S. - Dissertation

Munger, Lisa M.

North Pacific Right Whale Calling Behavior and Habitat Characterization in the Southeastern Bering Sea.

Date Published: 2007 North Pacific Right Whale | Call Behavior | Bering Sea

Munger, Lisa M. - Dissertation

Širović, Ana

Blue and Fin Whale acoustics and ecology off Antarctic Peninsula.

Date Published: 2006 Blue Whale | Fin Whale | Passive Acoustics | Ecology | Antarctica

Sirovic, Ana - Dissertation

Oleson, Erin M.

Calling Behavior of Blue and Fin Whales off California.

Date Published: 2005 Blue Whale | Fin Whale | Call Behavior | Southern California

Oleson, Erin M. - Dissertation